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Feeling Whatever

1. The secret project will be announced soon.
2. Finally getting somethings lined up.
3. Ate several meals today.
4. New design underway.
5. Feeling slightly better.

I am thankful for...
1. God.
2. My love.
3. Eating finally.
4. Dropping some pounds.
5. My friends.

I'm hearing right now...
Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love

I'm feeling Whatever.

Quite simply this place is my place. This is my place to help me overcome my depression. Sometimes that means posting about my depression or maybe even those who cause my depression.

Tonight we are taking a look at my parents.

They’ve struggled and tried to make me the son they wanted. For a while I struggled to be the son they wanted but now I’m starting to be my own person and it causes a lot of stress for them to accept that.

Right now my parents are going through some rough times. Our whole family is. Money is tight, my parents can barely make the bills and they fight a lot because of the whole ordeal. Mom doesn’t pay a bill and dad gets upset. The creditors start calling and mom doesn’t do a damn thing about it. Dad gets upset. Mom and dad fight.

Eventually they stop fighting and start taking it out on their kids. A daughter who loves her dad gets yelled at. A son who loves his mother gets yelled at. The parents begin to stop yelling at each other and begin to just yell at their kids.

A mom tells her son about all the problems she is having with her husband even though she knows her son has many problems to deal with himself.

A father tells his son that he isn’t good for anything and that his stuff on the computer won’t ever amount to anything.

A son weeps secretly inside knowing they are right.

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