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New Weekend

1. Had fun last night.
2. Saw Shayler.
3. Ate Cinammon Sticks!
4. Work went well.
5. I'm still alive.

I am thankful for...
1. My Love.
2. Shayler.
3. Kristin.
4. Megan.
5. Air!!!

I'm hearing right now...
Kenny Chesney - She's Got It All

I'm feeling Whatever.

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Now onward with the tales of my life.
Where do I start? What do I say? I’m totally confused and unsure anymore. Things by definition have been great here the past few weeks. Things seem to be on the up and up… for the most part. I’ve got some problems I’m trying to deal with and I don’t seem to be getting help with them but rather just adversity. My saying that will create tension even and that isn’t my goal. I’m just asking for help.

Deep down I’m hurting sometimes. I feel like the best thing in my life might slip away from me if I don’t get better at coping with the stuff in my life. I’ve been doing my best to just deal with stuff and I know I am doing a much better job then six months ago. I’m still not doing all that great but recovery doesn’t just happen overnight.

I feel I’m not interesting anymore, I feel I don’t keep attention, I feel that I am not always good enough. I can’t let those feelings get in the way. I know that I do keep attention from most people, I know that I am interesting to most people and I know that I am good enough just the way I am for most people. I know my feelings are completely based on really nothing… I know that this isn’t how reality is and that I don’t need to be so negative. So I’m trying to not be. I also know however that I need that support… I need that help that she can provide me right now. I need it really bad. I know that she needs mine. I know she knows that I will give her all my support. I’ll give her everything and anything she needs until I can’t give anymore.

On the happy side of things… work has been pretty good here recently. I have been trying to keep busy and things seem pretty good. I miss a lot of my friends from Best Buy and I hope that I will be seeing them again soon.

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