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1. An AWESOME weekend.
2. Work was GREAT.
3. Today was pretty good overall.
4. Discovered a new friend.
5. Feeling great.

I am thankful for...
1. God.
2. My love.
3. Staples.
4. Chad.
5. My Father.

I'm hearing right now...
REO Speedwagon - Keep on Loving You

I'm feeling Happy.

The weekend ended up being a great one that ended up being very revealing and I think that events this weekend have changed my life and I will feel them for many years to come. Just when I thought that the weekend brought about many changes I went back to work today for the first time in ages and found that life was changed even further with more revelations.

This weekend was spent having fun with friends, finding myself, working, and picking new directions. I think overall it was a weekend with time well spent. This week the direction I am looking forward to taking is the one this weekend took, more exploration, more having fun and more of doing the things I enjoy.

Amanda told me that I am running a mini-marathon and that right now I’m on mile three. I think that if things keep going as they did just this weekend and today that I will find myself running this race and quite a quick pace. I’ve got other journeys I’m working on in my life and I’ve decided that the best way to ensure success is to track your progress. That is why I am adding a few new boxes to the sidebar that will help me track where I am in my marathons and mini-marathons. Amanda is truly wise beyond her years and has helped me through many things.

I want to tell everyone that is close to my life that I appreciate you. That I appreciate the things you bring in to your relationship with me and I want to make sure I eventually acknowledge all of you on here.

I hate to run already but the time is now 2:15am and I have to be up at 6am to make it to work on time. Catch you on the flipside.

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