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Second Best

1. Work has been good.
2. Went shopping today.
3. Saw my friends.
4. Ate well.
5. Accomplished much.

I am thankful for...
1. God.
2. My love.
3. Bryan.
4. Sleep.
5. My Father.

I'm hearing right now...
Good Charlotte - Girls and Boys

I'm feeling Confused.

Second Best. Sometimes that is how we feel. Second Best… second place may seem all well and dandy but it is the first loser in the race.

Second Best. Indicating that you aren’t quite up to par to that which is first best.

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First off...Do away with the gay ass french...Second, amanda is the smartest and prettiest and coolest person on earth!;)...Anyone she talks to should feel lucky because she is one cool cat..muahahaha

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