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Unlimited Gmail Invites

1. Back on BlogExplosion.
2. Been working on hard on secret project.
3. Ate Ham Sandwich.
4. Design drawn out sort of.
5. Laid back today a bit.

I am thankful for...
1. God.
2. My love.
3. My family.
4. High Speed Internet.
5. My laptop.

I'm hearing right now...
Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine

I'm feeling Happy.

Recently Google granted all Gmail users 50 invites to give away. My account however is special for some reason. At first it had shown I had 50 invites and I gave away maybe one or two. The very next day I logged in it said I had 00 left. I was confused. I tried sending an invite and it worked.

At this point I've donated or sent nearly 150 invites to various sites and yet they keep flowing. It would appear as if the God's have granted me unlimited Gmail invites. So if you have been really wanting Gmail for sometime I am giving you a chance to get it... here is how and it won't cost you a dime.

Simply post a comment on this entry saying you are taking advantage of this offer. Then blast an e-mail to [email protected] and I will send you an invite ASAP. Many times within a few minutes.

This offer is good until my account finally does run out or Google realizes this is an error and sends in the correction forces. Whichever comes first. Until then HAVE FUN!

Posted on février 15, 2005 at 12:45 PM | Permalink


It looks like you've discovered the first real-life cheat code. :)

Rédigé par : Joseph Valencia | 15 fév 2005 12:57:15

i would really like to have gmail account

Rédigé par : kary | 19 fév 2005 02:02:37

It would be neat if I could get a Gmail account. Been wondering for a long time how to get invited!

Rédigé par : Mars | 22 fév 2005 00:34:42

i need a gmail account..............plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rédigé par : deepa | 24 fév 2005 02:12:42

taking advantage of this offer

Rédigé par : | 25 fév 2005 15:53:57

i would really like to have gmail account

Rédigé par : wowa | 26 fév 2005 20:37:27

Pretty Cool site. I've never seen a "blog" until now. I would like an invite to Gmail Please.

Rédigé par : lemadsen | 3 mar 2005 10:13:21

Petite question, savez vous si gmail offre un service d'hébergement de page web?? J'aimerais bien une invitation svp:)


Rédigé par : LEBUG | 7 mar 2005 10:17:36

plz bless me with a gmail invite...thanx.

Rédigé par : dingo | 8 mar 2005 17:05:31

a gmail account would make life lot more easier, atleast thats what i hope!!!

Rédigé par : jagged | 8 mar 2005 17:09:05

A gmail invite would rule!!!

Rédigé par : Fluth | 10 mar 2005 18:39:09

I would like a gmail invite, too.
-Merci - Grazie - Danke - Thanks

Rédigé par : czee | 12 mar 2005 12:55:38

would like a gmail invite

Rédigé par : | 17 mar 2005 21:03:06

GMail sounds interesting.....count me in!

Rédigé par : Rob Elsroad | 1 avr 2005 09:33:32

Ever since hearing about GMAIL I have been waiting for an account offer, as a Google supporter/user I would appreciate getting one - Thanks

Rédigé par : Seth Tillerby | 2 avr 2005 15:40:04

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