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Another Day Off

1. Was given the day off.
2. I get to watch TiVo stuff.
3. Hooters last night.
4. Getting work... worked out.
5. New LinkedIn Stuff.

I am thankful for...
1. Duyane.
2. Larry.
3. Garrett.
4. Hooters and Panda Express.
5. Amanda.

I'm hearing right now...
Warren G - Regulate

I'm feeling Unloved.

Last night after work we went out for Hooters which was quite good because they had all you can eat hot wings for $7.99. The bad thing is I ate more then I really should have after eating Panda Express a bit before that... meaning what?!? I am quite sick today. YUCK.

Speaking of work things seem to be going alright here as of late. A few run-ins but other then that things seem alright. I have a lot of scheduled hours next week which is pretty cool because I do need the money and since Amanda is grounded I don't have a lot to do anyways.

Work next week will be interesting because I'm being left by myself and I've been given more hours then I've ever had at Staples. It oughtta be really interesting. I'm excited about the whole thing though.

That is all for now. More later... maybe. *Shruggs*

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Hey, so I see I'm 5 now?! Tomorrow I guess I'm not going to be on your list of thankful for people...I keep getting bumped down further and further..*shrugs*

Rédigé par : Amanda Rice | 17 mar 2005 20:53:09

Not only #5, but below Hooters. Sounds like somebody needs to attack Ray with some soap.

Rédigé par : Fintel the Great | 21 mar 2005 10:14:24

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