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1. Ate breakfast.
2. Found a positive in breakfast... when it sucked.
3. I got up early.
4. Things have been quiet.
5. Working.

I am thankful for...
1. God.
2. James.
3. Amanda.
4. Breakfast.
5. The Internet.

I'm hearing right now...
Bruce Dickinson - Man of Sorrows

I'm feeling Unloved.

Right now while I’m especially negative I wish I could take my life as it stands and just vanish. Start a new life, a new name, new career, new everything. I want a do-over. A re-do whatever you might call it. I want to push a button and start anew.

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Don't we all.

Rédigé par : DarkLethe | 10 mar 2005 21:00:58

A word of advice. If you do start over, try doing it somewhere else other then Indiana. Oh yeah, and try to incorporate some showers somewhere along the line.

Rédigé par : Fintel the Great | 11 mar 2005 12:33:58

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