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The ER

1. Getting Help.
2. Slept in today.
3. Feeling slightly relaxed.
4. Had lunch.
5. I'm still alive.

I am thankful for...
1. Steve.
2. Jackie.
3. Dad.
4. Amanda.
5. Dr. Gaff

I'm hearing right now...
John Michael Montgomery - I Can Love You Like That

I'm feeling Unloved.

Last night I was taken to the emergency room at a local hospital for treatment because I had become a threat to myself. I was released in the morning today and will soon be in contact with a hospital better suited to treating me.

Where I will be going I'm not quite sure and the uncertainty causes a fear deep inside me that I can not begin to explain. Life has been rough lately and I've been unable to handle and cope with all of the problems that have been thrown at me.

To my friends I thank you for your support, love and care. You've done all that you can do and now it is time for me to chug along with my life and determine where it is I will be going next.

I have so much going on right now and so many emotions that are swirling around. No one can truly understand everything because I've never told anyone everything all that is happening. Not even the girl I love more then anyone else. She just won't understand... or she will but I can't tell her because I can't hurt her in the process.

I'm a selfish person. I only care about myself. I'll hurt others to get where I want to go. I'm an ugly person and I do things that are totally wrong by all measures.

I'm a person who is crying out for help and finally starting to get it. I'm a person with a broken heart.

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Hey dude I hope you get better..I snuck on to get a sneak peak of the journal.. Hope everything goes good for you and I want you to know I'm thinkin' of ya man!

Rédigé par : amanda rice | 14 mar 2005 19:49:10

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