50 Things About Her

This is encouraged. If you have a blog please write 50 Things about your significant other today without mentioning his or her name.

50 Things About Her
1. She is awesome.
2. She shows me God’s beauty each day.
3. She has amazing looks.
4. Her butt is perfect.
5. She is caring.
6. She always takes care of me.
7. She shows concern for me.
8. She takes care of me.
9. She wakes me every morning.
10. She sees me to bed every night.
11. She cares more then anyone should.
12. She has made me better.
13. She teaches me.
14. She helps me see the truth.
15. My love for her is true.
16. Her love for me is true.
17. She makes me laugh.
18. She has a good heart.
19. She accepts me for me.
20. Even my big tummy.
21. She makes me smile.
22. She has a beautiful smile.
23. She has beautiful hair as well.
24. She has a beautiful butt… wait I said that.
25. She never gives up.
26. She overcomes so much.
27. She has overcome so much for us.
28. She never gives up on me.
29. She always understands me.
30. She is moral.
31. She is open minded though.
32. She listens to me.
33. Even when it is worthless.
34. Or even retarded.
35. She makes everyday better.
36. She brings me closer to God.
37. She keeps my eyes on God.
38. She smiles when the time is right.
39. She makes me smile at the right time.
40. She cheers me up.
41. She cares about what I think.
42. She helps me understand.
43. She makes me feel important.
44. She is so amazing.
45. She makes my life complete.
46. She stands by me.
47. Even when I smell bad.
48. She is loving.
49. She is loved.
50. She loves me.

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