Today I am starting to realize that while I was at home recoping from being sick and missing FIVE WEEKS of work that bills suck. They suck a lot. A whole lot. Not working for five weeks means not making money. Not making money means you don’t pay the bills. Not paying the bills = bad.

So what do I do? I’m behind. I don’t really have the money to pay them all at the moment. I ask for your help. I hate panhandling and I especially hate it of the digital type… so here is what I am asking.

Give me four dollars via PayPal using the link here in this entry on the sidebar and I’ll give you thirty minutes of my time. For thirty minutes I’ll do what you ask of me. Need a website design? Need some coding help? Need someone to just talk with? You name it… you’ve got it.

A few restrictions. I can’t really leave the area. I can’t afford it so please don’t ask. So try to make it something we can take care of here online, or via the telephone. If you live in my area then maybe will talk about it but seriously I just can afford to be out and about all that much right now.

Nothing illegal. So don’t ask.

Need consulting? Need ideas. You buy it here.

Fill out the form and hit submit. Simple enough. Follow my progress on the sidebar.

UPDATE: You aren't just paying to talk with me. I'll help you execute these ideas as well. Maybe I'll type that report for you... maybe I'll design that site, whatever it is. You can buy my time to help you.

Once you've sent the money I will email you back at your PayPal address to get in touch.

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